Self Determinism

woman leaping over a crevice

Today my psychological word of the day is determinism.

Determinism is defined in the  American Psychological Association (APA) as – the doctrine that all events-physical, behavioral, and mental-are determined by specific causal factors that are potentially knowable.

What this mean for you in your ongoing life of fitting into this world is that you can know before hand those conditions that will propel you forward or in other words make the decisions that best uplift your present state of being. It is through the past that you make the decision you are making today. And, you cannot change your past, but you can contemplate that past as you make decision that will affect your future.

Causal factors are those events that have already happened, hence the past  is important in determining how we will act in the future.

You have heard those wise old saying;

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

The past doesn’t define your future

Consider the past and you shall know the future – Chinese Proverbs

Determinism is often thought of in philological ideas, such as Determinism vs. Free Will.

For example the woman in the above photo was guided by determinism, she made the free will jump based on conditions from the past.  The jump was determined prior to her jumping, although she could have made the decision not to jump, which would also have been determined from her past, so either way the jumps was or would not have been determined.

You can watch this fun video on the subject of Determinism vs. Free Will. The moderator talks very fast, but cover the subject pretty well. check it out!

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